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Anonymous: Are you still open for business? My daughter is having a birthday party and she would like to collect donations for you.

Yes! We are, just under a new name now. This page will be updated once I get to a computer! Keep a look out for updates on “Crazy Critters”!

Three baby boys went to their new home ! Oh how happy I am for those babies (:

I realllly hate asking for monetary donations, but Lilly needs to get her tumor removed ASAP, as it’s started growing again and it’s started to slow her down. And now Lucile has a tumor that’s started /: We don’t have the funds to get them both done. Of course if we saved we could, but I can’t wait any longer to get Lilly’s tumor removed. I’ve tried to doing fundraisers, yard sales, crowd funding, etc.. but when people find out its for rats, they usually back out on sales. If anyone would be willing to donate, even a dollar, it will help so much ! You can donate at the link below, through PayPal. Thank you in advance to anyone that helps <3